Accomodation rules of Reich Villa pension

- We can accommodate a guest with a valid ID, passport or other valid identity card.
- The guest is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness both in the hotel and in the surrounding area.
- In the room, the guest can only receive nonresident visitors with agreement of the reception desk.
- From 22:00 pm to 7:00 am the guest is obliged to do not disturbe the night’s rest.
- If the guest asks for an extension of the accommodation, the pension may offer another room to stay than the one where the guest was accommodated before.
- When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to close water taps, turn lights off, close the door of the room and give the entrance card back to the reception.
- The number of persons in the room must correspond to the number of persons registered for accommodation. The resident agrees to announce their exact number at check-in.
- The guest is not allowed to hold, produce or store narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons unless it is a medicinal product the use of which was prescribed by a doctor.
- The guest is required to ensure that minors are not left unattended by adults.
- The guest room is available from 14:00 in the afternoon on the day of arrival. The guest occupies a room for an agreed period of time. If the time of accommodation is not arranged in advance, the guest must check-out the latest at 11:00 am on the last day of its stay and untill this time is obliged to leave the hotel room. If the guest does not do so, the hotel is allowed to charge full accommodation price for the next day. In case of that the hotel has previously booked this room for someone else and the guest does not respond to the prompts or is not present at the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to write down the list of all guest’s belongings and keep them on the safe place in order to allow to a new guest to use the reserved room.
- There is a strict smoking ban in the whole area of the hotel, except designated locations (outdoor areas and areas with ashtray).
- There is a strict ban on dogs and other animals throughout the hotel.
- The hotel is not responsible for the loss of jewelery, money and other guest’s valuable things as far as they were not stored in the hotel or room safe.
- The hotel is responsible for demages of the guest’s belongings brought to the rooms according to the generally applicable legal regulations. Safe deposit boxes for safe storage of the valuables are available at the hotel.
- If the operating rules are not followed, the stuff of the hotel is entitled to cancel the guest accommodation. In such a case, the guest must pay for all services provided during the entire stay at the hotel.
- If the guest is obviously under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances, the hotel is entitled to refuse accommodation.
- Hotel guests are entitled to use free wireless internet via W i-Fi.
- Hotel guests are not allowed to move any equipment and make any electrical interventions in the room.
- For safety reasons, guests can only use electrical appliances that serve their personal hygiene (shaving machines, massage machines, etc.), laptops and similar small electrical appliances.
- For the loss and display of a new magnetic card, the guest is obliged to pay a handling fee at the amount of 100,- CZK.
- Assortment of goods in the minibar is not included in the price of accommodation. Eventual consumption of the goods from the minibar is the guest obliged to write in the form and the price of the consumed goods to be paid at the reception desk of the hotel. The hotel is entitled to claim a refundable deposit of CZK 1.000.
- The guest at the hotel confirms that he/she has become familiar with this accommodation code and agrees to fulfill the obligations under this rules. In the event of a violation, the hotel has the right to withdraw from the arranged accommodation before the expiry of the agreed time, without incurring the obligation to pay the guests any damage.
- The guest is required to follow these rules of accommodation and all instructions governing the hotel’s operation and the behavior of guests, particularly in connection with guest savety, hygiene and fire regulations.
- Legal relations as well as other matters not expressly provided by this accommodation rules are governed by the valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic and by other internal regulations of the hotel.

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